Drivers to receive £70 fine for parking on pavement

The Department of Transport has confirmed that it is considering extending the fines, which are already in place in London, across the rest of the country.

Parking on the pavement has now been banned in London for more than 40 years.

The fine will be issues to anyone that parks with any of their vehicles wheels on the pavement, in a bid to encourage more people to walk and cycle.


In February, following complaints from residents, Leicester Council revealed plans to install pavement parking bays in some streets, with £70 fines for drivers who flout the rules.

“The concern would be that local authorities will be able to ban pavement parking without looking at the consequences,” Edmund King, president of the AA, told The Times.

“Getting rid of pavement parking is fine but only if you then remove some redundant double-yellow lines to create space elsewhere,” he added.


Disability groups and road safety campaigners welcomes the plans.

Disability groups have previously warned that pavement parking can be potentially hazardous, for example if a blind person is made to walk into the road to avoid parked cars. A Department for Transport spokesman said: “We are currently considering the rules around pavement parking, including whether more can be done to make it easier for councils to tackle problem areas in a consistent way.”

What are your thoughts on pavement parking?

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